Rebuild Process

Rebuild Process

Step 1: Washing

The machine or component is put through a lengthy pressure wash and cleaning.



Step 2: Assessment ,Stripping & Costing

We start with a visual inspection of the machine or component. Then we begin the stripping process and identify all structural and mechanical flaws that need attention. Once this is conducted a carefully considered scope of work report is drafted. Costing is then conducted.

Step 3: Rebuilding & Testing

Once all elements have received approval, the rebuild process begins. All major components are removed, stripped, evaluated and then repaired according to OEM specifications. Newly manufactured or repaired panels, and electrics are fitted. New hydraulic piping and fittings are installed and tested. Once deemed mechanically and cosmetically sound- testing begins. Oil pressures , cooling systems and dyno testing for all major component’s are conducted. Paint and decals are applied.



Step 4: Project Completion

Once all testing is complete and the machine meets all stringent DGI requirements it is ready to head home or hit the market.